Creating a blog platform for an online cookbook by Mirjana Šmit.

"It is very nice to work with young people who are eager for knowledge and novelty. I collaborated with Jurica on this project and I can say that no task is difficult for him and he found the ideal solution for everyone. Our site is top! Thank you guys!"

about client

From Sweet Sweet is a unique online cookbook with irresistibly sweet food and something salty.


Od Slatkoga Sladje

Project date

September 08, 2019


Od Slatkoga sladje the cookbook has various recipes and various recipe elements. It was necessary to create various recipe templates to facilitate the introduction of recipes by the authors.

With the templates, we have achieved the simplicity of publishing recipes. Also, it was necessary to create a segment that allows ordering cookbooks and other items online.


Like every project, we started with a discussion about the purpose of the website and the content plan. After defining the content and purpose of the website, we started with the design. We designed all the static websites first, and then we designed the archives and dynamic websites. When the client was happy with the design, we moved on to technical things like linking forms to email websites, creating an order segment, creating a dynamic Instagram feed, and setting up a website browser.

Before launching the website, we checked the functionality and responsive design. We set up web hosting, connected the domain and uploaded the website to the server. After that, the website was live and user testing started, as well as educating the client for self-management of the website.


Customizable design posts

With one click, the user selects the layout of the post on their website

Central archive

All posts in one place, including posts from social media

Modern website

By combining various elements, brand colors and fonts, we have created a modern website

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