Creating a promotional website for Ziraffa Food & Mood.

"A team of young professionals who listen and respect the wishes of clients. They have good ideas that they realize quickly. They give great advice to clients in doubt, they try to make the client satisfied with the overall experience of working with them."

about client

Ziraffa Food & Mood provides catering services and prepares delicious Mexican food.



Project date

May 05, 2020


The main task of the website was to highlight the food ordering platform and clearly state all the offers at the Ziraffa Food & Mood outlets.

In doing so, we took care to create visually appealing elements to make it easier for users to consume content.


The first step was to determine how the user will navigate and use the website, and offer him the opportunity to order food or view the menu in each part of the website.

By creating a design and popularizing the content page, we get a complete website that we send to the client for verification. Once the client confirms the design and structure of the website it is ready to prepare for launch.

With the more successful placement of the site live, a period of free maintenance and tracking of the user arm to determine whether users are converting to customers begins.


Optimized website

Page optimized for speed and all devices provides more opportunities for user conversions.

Focus on conversions

Website optimized for user conversion.

Modern design

Visually appealing and modern website.

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