Creating a website with the functionality of the webshop for Integrity Hemp

I came to the guys from Project Amber on the recommendation of an acquaintance who told me that he knows people who can help me make the web the way I envisioned it. Right after the first conversation I realized that I had come to the right people and after we did the first live meeting, I realized that I was in the right place. Extremely high interest in what the client wants and wants. They gave arguments for and against all my ideas and with their help I got the web I imagined and wanted. Young people full of positive energy and great ideas and innovations. I wholeheartedly recommend this company and the guys from it to anyone who wants the best possible service related to website design. You will not regret ✌️😎

about client

Integrity Hemp is a business engaged in the cultivation, processing and sale of CBD products.


Integrity Hemp

Project date

February 06, 2020


For Integrity Hemp, the task was to create an informative web with the possibility of ordering via the form without integrating payments on the website.

Also, due to the amount of content, it was important to divide the content into archives for easier access for the user.


To begin with, we have classified the entire planned content of the website into pages and archives. Once we have established the content schedule, we have finalized the process of moving users to the desired information, whether it is brand or product information. In order for the website to look in line with the brand itself, it was necessary to use colors and elements adapted to Integrity Hemp. Once we created the elements and layout of the content throughout the website, we started by optimizing the segments for various devices.

After completing the optimization for devices, we did content optimization for search channels (Google, Bing, etc.). When it was all over the only thing left was to optimize the website for speed. We made sure that the images were not too big for the formats in which they are displayed, we used the same classes of elements to reduce css and js documents and thus speed up the loading of the web page.

After finishing the website, we agreed with Vanja on the upcoming changes and started working on them. We adapt the website for promotions and upgrade the functionality of the website from month to month.


Online sales

Turn visitors into customers by selling online.

Modern website

With a modern website, the company leaves a more serious impression.

Optimized website

Website optimization contributes to increasing the conversion of users into customers.

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