Maintenance and upgrade of the existing New School website

"A company that understands and wants to understand what you do, what is important to you and what your goals are. Everything we want, agree, is realized immediately. It is a pleasure to work and create with such a team!"

about client

The new school is an elementary school with a new and better view of education.


Nova škola d.o.o.

Project date

October 22, 2018


The New School is an elementary school with a different view of education. The goal of the event was to change and adapt the segments to the needs of the New School.

When changing segments, care must be taken to keep the settings from pre-existing segments to ensure an identical look throughout the page. And thus reduce the required amount of code that the website processes when loading.


Before the changes started, it was necessary to save the website. Since the web is on WordPress cms, we downloaded the plugin for creating backups and ran it to make storage. Once we had securely stored the website data we started making changes. When our job was done we restarted the data storage program. So we created a copy of the website before and after our changes and in case of problems, it is easy to restore the previous state of the website.


Optimized website

Optimized websites create a better user experience, so Google recommends them rather than less optimized websites.

Quick changes

Knowledge of CMS allowed us to learn the structure of the website in a short time and so quickly make the required changes.

Reliable and safe

With security measures, we have created an environment where errors do not destroy and delete all or parts of the website.

najnoviji projekti


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